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News Release




Expanding our new product development,technical service Around the world fuels our growth as Seabacks & Co., Ltd starts in 1999.

Our marketing strategies for our business are aimed at speedy, efficient and reliable services to customers visa logistics and Services centers by internet.

In keeping with the product range, traditional trade in chemicals has grown complex and varies. We are working closely with an outside vendor who developed a new process to meet stringent requirements and our global connections enable us to set up contact between customer and suppliers for customer synthesis in specialty chemical as well as commodity.

As part of a comprehensive marketing strategy and collaboration with our Suppliers we hold exhibitions,seminars and workshops for customers. Technical services and supports has always been of great importance to us.

International trade has been one of our most important activities. Producers and customer equally benefit from our experiences. By maintaining an on the spot market presence we are able to react quickly and competently to customer's needs.

Establishment :
26 March,1999
3-1-8 1-602, Koyocho-naka Higashinada,
  Kobe Hyogo 658-0032 JAPAN
  Office tel no: +81-78-845-2030 Office fax no: +81-78-845-2070
  E-mail: info@seabacks.com