Raw Chemical Distribution

Our Customer Service Strategy

Usually to areas with a 3 hour time difference or less, we will respond within 12 hours (for example, when e-mailed from Mumbai, India at 15:30, we responded at 16:05). Also, to areas with an 8 hour time difference or less, we will respond within 24 hours (when e-mailed from New York at 9.00 on Friday, we responded 18 hours later, at 15.00 the following day).

Currently, we receive enquiries from many countries for products ranging from common raw materials to specialized chemical products. We offer resourceful information quickly.

The countries we are currently dealing with are: Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, India, China, Australia, New Zealand, the USA, Canada and several western European countries

We strive to keep our customers as informed as possible. We will not offer unreliable information. For example, with detailed questions such as: user names, volume, port of destination, loading schedules, etc., we will work with our customer's viewpoint in mind.

Just contact us at info@seabacks.com and we will get right back to you.

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